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August 1st, 2023                                                        


City of Brotherly Love to Host Men’s and Women’s Championship Games

Colorado Springs, CO. – The Military Basketball Association (MBA) announced today that it had selected the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be the host city of its 2024 Atlantic Coastal Military Basketball Conference (ACMBC) tournament in April and its men’s and women’s championship finals in May.

The MBA and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Philadelphia VA Healthcare System will be working together on this important event for both Veterans and active-duty servicemen and women as part of the MBA’s resiliency, spiritual fitness, and social wellness athletic program.

The MBA’s mission is to promote resiliency and awareness of the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) that many Veterans and active-duty service members suffer from as a result of their military service with the ultimate goal of reducing suicides amongst these populations.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to bring our story of Life Through Basketball to the city of Philadelphia and the VA with its extraordinary team of healthcare professionals and administrators,” said Mike Meyers, MBA Commissioner. “The critical work to prevent harmful behaviors and reduce and prevent Veteran suicide is the responsibility of all of us” he added.

 The MBA has been in existence for over six years and fields teams from military installations worldwide. Active-duty servicemen, women, and Veterans play together and represent their military bases. All branches of military service are represented in the MBA.

“We are so excited about partnering with the MBA and its mission to prevent harmful behaviors and reduce Veteran suicides as it aligns with VA’s priority,” said Rear Admiral Karen Flaherty-Oxler, USN (RET). “Philadelphia is a huge sports town, and we have a large Veteran population which makes this the perfect choice for the upcoming games.”

In addition to the basketball games, the MBA will also hold its 2024 MBA Hall of Fame dinner and Awards ceremony in downtown Philadelphia. Teams will travel from across the globe to compete here.

The ACMBC men’s tournament and championship game will be held on April 19-21, 2024, and the MBA Finals events will start May 23, 2024 with the MBA Hall of Fame, honoring the male and female athletes’ contributions to military basketball. The men’s championship game will be played Memorial Day weekend 2024. This is the MBA’s 6th Finals tournament.

“The MBA looks forward to working with the VA, the city of Philadelphia and its business community to produce an excellent event and experience for Philadelphia area sports fans, the entire military community in Philadelphia and military athletes around the world. As retired First Sergeant of 25 years, I have seen the impact these games have on the lives of so many servicemembers in promoting wellness and providing a sense of community to those who serve and have served.” said Angel Acevedo, the MBA’s Deputy Commissioner.

          To date, no MBA player has attempted or committed suicide, a statistic attributed to the comradery found between both the active duty and Veteran players. The MBA is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 with an objective of promoting resiliency in military personnel, awareness of PTSD and Veteran Suicide to change and combat the stigmas that prevent Veterans’ from seeking the needed behavioral health services to deal with traumas they may have suffered during their service.  The MBA utilizes sports as a mechanism to build community and reinforce life-affirming skills.

The MBA leadership and staff have already begun the diligent work of marketing and operational and logistical planning to ensure this is the best event in the history of volunteer military sports. The MBA thanks the Veterans Administration, the city of Philadelphia and the partners that will support this event for the Veterans and Servicemembers that will be competing. The MBA is honored to be in the City of Brotherly Love! To learn more about the VA and its services please visit More information on the 2024 MBA Season and Playoffs can be found on our websites at

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